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Kate Rose is an Empathic Intuitive Healer  & "Horse Whisperer", the co-creator with Mother Nature of the RoseAngelis™ Flower Essence Remedies. She is also the creator of the FluidMind Technique™ - Healing Through Effortless Movement. Kate is an Herbalist and passionate Organic Gardener creating  Healing Salves with sun infused organic oils flowers and healing herbs. She is utterly dedicated to loving the Earth and healing it through a deep and reverent relationship with Mother Nature, Gaia and all the Nature Spirits and Elementals.

Born a full Empath, her gift and skill is that of directly feeling emotions and feelings, and then translating those deep and often unconscious feelings into a simply understood, potent and empowering language in support of the unique healing process of humans, horses and the earth. She is able to feel on multiple levels, perceiving the physical , mental, emotional spiritual, psychological & energetic elements that make up every living being.

With her gift she is able to communicate clearly with both people and animals, having great success working with Humans & Horses to bring the healing and balance needed to instantly create visible and palpable change with injuries, illnesses, old movement patterns and much more.

Her ability and willingness to join with a human being or a horse and feel their pain to help create their healing, is unconditional and truly remarkable. She has spent over 40 years learning to use this gift with great skill, deep compassion and humor, no judgment, only an open receptivity to understand and a deep joy in feeling the interconnectedness of all living things.

Kate Rose has been a practicing Empathic Healing & Movement Integration worldwide for over 35 years. She began her studies and explorations with Organic Medicinal Herbs and The Bach Remedy Flower Essences in 1972. Her discovery that she could heal herself gently and naturally has been the basis and foundation of all her study, work and practice.

She spent over 16 years traveling the world, living for 12 years in Italy, 4 of those years on a Biodynamic Vineyard in Tuscany, and then in the South of France teaching her Healing Workshops, Effortless Movement Trainings and Private Healing Retreats in Italy, France, Holland, Scotland, England, Israel, Egypt, Canada and the United States.

Combining over 30 years of Private Practice and teaching of Holistic Healing & Movement Integration in the US, Italy, France, The Netherlands, Scotland, England & Egypt, her skill and knowledge in multiple modalities of natural healing with her understanding and knowledge of anatomy, the nervous system, the long term effects of trauma & repetitive stress combined with her unique and highly developed ability to feel and understand feeling, has created a magnificently effective method of communicating, listening to, working with and healing Humans, Horses and the Earth. She gently and skillfully communicates directly and clearly with everyone she touches, creating balance, ease, realignment, equilibrium, relief from pain and injury and effecting the patterns that are inherent in injury and illness.

She has worked extensively and successfully with children and adults with Autism and Special Needs in addition to people with Cerebral Palsy, MS, Parkinson’s, people who have suffered strokes and many other pathologies.

She returned to the United States in 2012 and now resides in beautiful Lexington, Virginia in the Blue Ridge Mountains. She trained as a classical ballerina for 25 years, plays piano, gardens, loves animals, most especially her 4 year old golden rescue dog Sophie.

Kate Rose has a remarkably unique talent to help and heal people.
Through years of refinement and God-given talent it is obvious that she could see things about me that most people could not. With an almost other-worldly sense of intuition and empathy she not only provides her gift as a healing tool but also inspires us to think beyond what we thought was possible.
As one candle can light many others, anyone who has the opportunity to share time with Kate is blessed and left forever changed.
Ryan Parenti ,Manager Rishikesh School of Yoga, Rishikesh , India

"My 22 year old retired racehorse Sammy was diagnosed with a hairline fracture. Kate helped me work to heal it. My vet was absolutely astonished to see his progress and admitted she had expected to have to put him down. Yesterday, as I watched him cantering around the pasture in the autumn sunshine, I felt a glow of joy and gratitude for Kate's work with him. I am convinced she saved his life."
Kristl Spalding, Fern Hill Farm, Red Creek, N.Y.


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