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Kate Rose - Horse Healer

ImagineHealing Interview with Kate Rose at MadMat Salon


Kate Rose is an Empathic Intuitive Healer , Flower Essence Practitioner  &  Integrative Bodyworker . Born a full Empath, her gift and skill is that of directly feeling other peoples emotions and feelings, then translating those deep and often unconscious feelings into a simply understood, potent and empowering language in support of each person’s unique healing process.
Her ability and willingness to join with someone and feel their pain to help create their healing, is unconditional and remarkable. She has spent over 35 years learning to use this gift with great skill, deep compassion and humor, no judgment, only an open receptivity to understand.
 Kate Rose has been a practicing Empathic Healing worldwide for over 35 years. She began her studies and explorations with organic herbs and The Bach Remedy  Flower Essences in 1972. Her discovery that she could heal herself gently and naturally has been the basis and foundation of all her study, work and practice.
Kate has taught her workshops, trainings and retreats in Italy, France, Holland Scotland, England, Israel, Egypt , Canada and  the United States.
In 2012 she introduced  “The Swift Path to the Heart™” a 7 week private one to one class on Skype , by phone or in person.
Kate Rose  has been  a  Certified  Trager® Practitioner for 29 years &  an International Trager® Instructor,  teaching the Trager® Approach worldwide since 2001.
She trained as a classical ballerina for 25 years,  plays piano,  gardens, loves animals, especially her 3 year old dog Sophie. She lived in Italy and France for almost 12 years,  speaks Italian and is practicing her French.
She returned to the US in 2012 and settled in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia where she is creating a beautiful medicinal herb and flower essence garden . She has recently expanded her Healing practice " Healing Horses" and is continually adding to her line of Flower Essence Remedies:

The RoseAngelis Remedies.