“The Gifts of the Rose”
Private Healing Retreats with Kate Rose
 Summer  & Fall  2018

Kate Rose, Empathic Healer, creator of ImagineHealing™, The RoseAngelis ™ Remedies,  Quantum Flower Essences, The Choice to Feel™

 A Private Healing Retreat uniquely created for your personal and very specific healing needs. Kate Rose will teach you and heal you with her gifts of Empathic & Vibrational Healing, Flower Essence Therapy & Integrative Bodywork in a 3 Day Private Retreat in beautiful Lexington, Virginia in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Touching the mind, body, spirit & emotions and working in the subtle energy fields, you will experience the power of Imagination, Feeling & Nature as profound healing tools.
With her gentle nurturing presence, deep unconditional love and joyful humor she instantly creates a safe, protected space where feelings of pain, confusion and struggle become moments of pure possibility and potential. With her gifts and remarkable skills, she helps others identify their "blocks" to tap into and transform their energy and ideas into their soul's higher purpose.

"Anyone who is suffering and desiring a release from that suffering and an experience of their fullest, most joyful life would do themselves and the planet a great service to receive the gift of Kate's healing work. You and your life will never be the same again."

A. F., New York, New York

You will learn to:
Clean & Clear and Activate your Personal Energy Field
The Golden Energy Protection Process
Move Beyond Intention into Inspiration
Connect directly with Mother Nature learn to communicate and hear Her messages
with the RoseAngelis Remedies - Quantum Flower Essences

“Kate Rose has a remarkably unique talent to help and heal people. Through years of refinement and God-given talent it is obvious that she could see things about me that most people could not. With an almost other-worldly sense of intuition and empathy she not only provides her gift as a healing tool but also inspires us to think beyond what we thought was possible. As one candle can light many others, anyone who has the opportunity to share time with Kate is blessed and left forever changed. “
Ryan Parenti, Manager, Rishikesh School of Yoga, Rishikesh, India

For Detailed Information & Registration Please Contact:
3 Day Retreat  includes :

Private room, Breakfasts, Lunches & Snacks

All Organic Food, Fresh Juices & Smoothies

4 hours a day of Personal Healing Sessions

Integrative Bodywork, The FluidMind Technique

RoseAngelis Flower Essence Remedies

Energetic & Vibrational Healings

 Empathic Readings

"The Gifts Of The Rose Private Healing Retreat"


​Pre-Requisites for Private Retreat with Kate Rose:

1 Private Session
( on Skype or in Person)


Previous Attendance at a Kate Rose Healing Workshop


Completion of "Swift Path to the Heart" Course

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​"The moment of healing resides in the space between linear time and the present moment . It is here that  the past, present & future meet. Before they meet, there is undifferentiated space. In that space lives unlimited possibility, where realities are not shaped yet, but are only potentialities; possibilities that have not been completely formed or “mattered”, and are not yet static. It is the place where imagination becomes reality.”         Kate Rose 

ImagineHealing -Imagination by its very nature is free to create anything and everything. When we use the power of this dynamic force with attention, intention, focused awareness, trust and creativity, we  bring ideas and intentions into reality at the material level . Once the imagination is allowed to run freely, the power it manifests is unlimited. We have, inside ourselves a most magnificent tool; an infinite resource as powerful as the sun.

Kate Rose has created an elegantly simple and instantly effective  process to unlock the infinite potential of the human system to regenerate itself . When Imagination is freed from the constraints of logic, it takes its natural shape & becomes a precise tool of unlimited power for  healing & transformation.
Learn how to access, ignite & activate the infinite power of a free imagination. Imagine Healing.

Your Healing


“A Swift Path to the Heart”™

Week 1 – The Pathway between the Heart & the Mind
Week 2 - Transforming Limiting Beliefs 
Week 3 -  The Energetic Matrix
Week 4-  “Choice” Empowerments
Week 5- Deepening, Clearing, Practicing, Manifesting
Week 6– The Act of Letting Go
Week  7 – The Divine Connection  - Completion, Next Steps