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Kate Rose - Horse Healer

RoseAngelis Remedies


January 21st, 2017

10.30 a.m. to 4.30 p.m.

Lunch is included


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I have learned so much from you these past few years!
The heart breathing, the possibility to choose my feelings and the awareness of the choices I have. To decide for myself and to look at challenging life situations: Does it affect me or is this building me up?
Your wisdom and unwavering faith in the human potential, and in me, is something that has helped me deepen my commitment to really start living and stop hiding out of fear.
I think that my final decision to dive into the fullness of life and all the beautiful possibilities life has to offer came after our deep diving 7 weeks work together in 2013.
So, your work makes beautiful ripples that is spreading it's light far and away!
Elisabeth De Charon De Saint Germain - Frederiksoord, The Netherlands

"Kate Rose is one in a million. From my first interaction with her, I felt I was in the presence with a woman who was unbelievably intimately connected with herself and with the universe. I was not at the time, and so I knew she had much to teach me. What I didn't know was just how powerful a healer Kate is. When I worked with her, she gave me the experience of physically standing next to all my old, and limiting beliefs; that I'm a failure, that all projects I start are doomed to fail ....all the stories burned into me by my childhood experiences. 
And what Kate did was have me physically and emotionally leave that dis-empowering part of myself behind. And standing on her deck, looking across her gorgeous herb garden and all the wild nature beyond it I felt myself standing inside the truth of who I am: a success, and an immensely powerful manifestor of miracles. She had me revisit the old energy again to feel how heavy and cumbersome it felt to carry that with me, and then return to standing free and clear from that energy. And I felt like the world was my oyster. From this physical and energetic place, I could create anything.
I've never experienced anything like the transformational work that Kate does, and I can say from experience that anyone who is suffering and desiring a release from that and an experience of their fullest, most joyful life would do themselves and the planet a great service to allow themselves the gift of Kate's healing work. You and your life will never be the same again. It is so much more beautiful and abundant than you could possibly imagine it.
Call or email her now. Do not waste another single day living outside of your power when you could be standing in the center of it."
- Anastasia F. NYC 
 “Calling in ‘The One’’”® and “Certified Conscious Uncoupling CoachTM

A 7 week private class with  Kate Rose
Course Information:
One to one format, by phone, on Skype

Please use the contact form to request class dates
Class Fee: $875.00

Week 1 – Activating the Pathway between the Heart

& the Mind
Week 2 - Transforming Limiting Beliefs 
Week 3 -  Working with the Energetic Matrix
Week 4- The "Choice” Empowerments
Week 5-Manifesting
Week 6– The Act of Letting Go
Week  7 – The Divine Connection

90 minute class once a week for 7 weeks on SKYPE 
Daily Email Support
We will cover 7 different focuses in these seven weeks.
At the completion of the course you will go
forward with a complete foundation for a practice that you can continue to expand upon.

“A Swift Path to the Heart”
Healing and Empowering Your Wisdom Heart

Testimonial - "A Swift Path to the Heart"

"I feel very blessed to have had these 7 weeks with Kate Rose. She is a masterful teacher, full of joy and humor, who has helped me to open my heart that little bit more. This helps me to soften in my relationship with myself, and others. Kate made clear to me what my (our) true purpose here, in this life, is. To connect. By opening my own heart I help others to open theirs. Power with the Heart, that is Evolution. That is what can heal this world.
Power with Heart! Thank you Kate."  
L v L The Netherlands

"A Swift Path to the Heart "