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 Summer & Fall 2017

Trager® Level I  & II  Combined Training

Chattanooga, Tenn.
September 26 - October 1, 2017
Kate Rose, Certified Trager® Instructor

Class Fee: 900.00$ 

There is 140.00 Student Membership Fee paid to the USTA ( United States Trager Association) upon entry into the Training Program. Level 1 only.

For Information & Registration Please Contact : Nan McConnaughey



Trager® Level I :

In Trager Level 1 you will be introduced to all the principles that embody this unique approach to mind/body awareness and healing. This is a gentle & profound journey into the possibilities of a life informed by effortlessness. With the process of inner self questioning, we approach the body/mind with curiosity and compassion, creating an experience deeper than relaxation. We enter into a living conscious partnership with this extraordinary system that we live in and learn to hear and understand what it is saying and to give it what it needs. We learn through applying living principles that invite healing, balance, equilibrium, pleasure and peace.

 I look forward to  offering to you the gifts I have received from Milton Trager and my 30 years of work in The Trager Approach. I have taught in many countries and have discovered again and again the truth of Dr. Trager's words about the purpose of the work.
 It is: To Create World Peace One Person At A Time.
I have found in each and every training that we create an island of Peace, we touch on something inside ourselves that is deeper than relaxation and we receive tools to take these gifts into the world through every interaction and through every touch.
I invite you to enter this very special experience that I can truly say after 30 years, is ever new, ever expanding, a gift of touching effortlessness, and bringing it into our lives for the good of all.

Trager Level 2®

In Trager Level 2 we go more deeply into the structural foundation of the work, and the intentions and impact of each movement as it addresses the various parts of the body/mind. We begin to focus on specific anatomy, adding detail and depth in our approach to each individual that we touch and to our relationship with ourselves.

You will find that the base you received and experienced in Level 1, of connecting a quality of feeling with touch and movement, expands into a deeper experience of the balance between the intuitive, feeling elements of the Trager® Approach and the application of the Approach to more specific pathologies and various conditions and circumstances that you will meet as your exploration continues .

We will expand our experience with Reflex Response and Side-Lying, Mentastics and the verbalization of Trager®. We add detail to each part of the body and the system as a whole. We listen and then listen again.

The rhythms, structure and protocol of a session remains the same.

Whether you choose to attend the Trager® Level 2 training to advance your personal self-development process , or because you are interested in becoming a Trager® Practitioner, the Level 2 is an enriching, deepening experience.

Trager Level III - Professional Training
5 Days  - 40 hrs.

Class fee: $750.00  


As advanced students, we explore in this Level 3, the deepest movement of our body/mind/spirit to discover, uncover, refine and distill our core intention.
Bring every question you have about the work, your work, everything you have learned in your training process, and everything you wish to know and we will dive into all of it in this training. You will be prepared to complete this final
pre-practitioner level, refining your skills, learning new ones and moving ever deeper into the truth and mystery of what Trager really is.

You will discover:
New levels of feeling, sensation and awareness
Listening at a cellular level
Focused, effective touch with every contact
Reaching the Mind, Transforming the Body
Understanding the deeply informative nature of
Resistance as a Transformational Tool

Trager Level IV

July 18-20, 2017

Rockfish Valley Community Center - Afton, Virginia

Class Fee : 450.00

Trager Level 4 Continuing Education Professional Training
24 hours- 3 Day Workshop
$450.00 per person
Prerequisite  -  Practitioner Status

For information and registration:

Trager® Level  V :

Trager Level 5 Continuing Education Professional Training
24 hours- 3 Day Workshop
$450.00 per person
Prerequisite  -  Practitioner Status
(You do not need a Level 4 to attend this Level 5)
For information and registration:

In this Advanced Practitioner Trager® Training we will experience a clear step by step process to uncover, discover, explore & experience the harmonic combination of technical skill (the left brain) and intuitive perception (the right brain.) As we work with this marvelous and intricately wondrous human system of ours, we discover that its many parts are designed to work in fluid harmony with each other. Ours is a system designed to regenerate. It includes a conscious and unconscious mind and most of all it includes a heart. Just as all parts of the system must be working for it to function at its highest level, with the brain and heart working in union to keep the system going, we can learn to access the gifts of the heart and feeling at the level of empathic awareness to truly effect the transformative healing that is possible and available through the Trager Approach.