"The Swift Path to the Heart"

 A 7 week private class

with  Kate Rose

One to one Private Class

with Kate Rose

on Skype or Zoom


Testimonials :

I have learned so much from you these past few years!
The heart breathing, the possibility to choose my feelings and the awareness of the choices I have. To decide for myself and to look at challenging life situations: Does it affect me or is this building me up?
Your wisdom and unwavering faith in the human potential, and in me, is something that has helped me deepen my commitment to really start living and stop hiding out of fear.
I think that my final decision to dive into the fullness of life and all the beautiful possibilities life has to offer came after our deep diving 7 weeks work together.
So, your work makes beautiful ripples that is spreading it's light far and away!
Elisabeth De Charon De Saint Germain - Frederiksoord, The Netherlands

"Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful class. I am so happy when I go into my heart

a 100 times a day. My multiple 7 week classes with you have made me who I am today: braver, stronger, better! Thank you ! Thank you for changing my heart !"

BJQ, Chicago, Illinois

"I feel very blessed to have had these 7 weeks with Kate Rose. She is a masterful teacher, full of joy and humor, who has helped me to open my heart more and more. This helps me to soften in my relationship with myself, and others. Kate made clear to me what my (our) true purpose here, in this life, is. To connect. By opening my own heart I help others to open theirs.

Power with the Heart, that is Evolution. That is what can heal this world.
Power with Heart! Thank you Kate."  
L v L The Netherlands

"Kate Rose is one in a million. From my first interaction with her, I felt I was in the presence of a woman who was unbelievably intimately connected with herself and with the universe. I was not at the time, and so I knew she had much to teach me. What I didn't know was just how powerful a healer Kate is. When I worked with her, she gave me the experience of physically standing next to all my old, and limiting beliefs; "that I'm a failure, that all projects I start are doomed to fail", all the stories burned into me by my childhood experiences. What Kate did was have me physically and emotionally leave that dis-empowering part of myself behind. Standing on her deck, looking across her gorgeous herb garden and all the wild nature beyond it and feeling myself standing inside the truth of who I am: a success, and an immensely powerful manifestor of miracles. She had me revisit the old energy again to feel how heavy and cumbersome it felt to carry that with me, and then return to standing free and clear from that energy. And I felt like the world was my oyster. From this physical and energetic place, I could create anything.
I've never experienced anything like the transformational work that Kate does, and I can say from experience that anyone who is suffering and desiring a release from that suffering and an experience of their fullest, most joyful life would do themselves and the planet a great service to allow themselves the gift of Kate's healing work. You and your life will never be the same again. It is so much more beautiful and abundant than you could possibly imagine it.
Call or email her now. Do not waste another single day living outside of your power when you could be standing in the center of it."
Anastasia F.,  NYC 
Kate Rose has a remarkably unique talent to help and heal people.
Through years of refinement and God-given talent it is obvious that she could see things about me that most people could not. With an almost other-worldly sense of intuition and empathy she not only provides her gift as a healing tool but also inspires us to think beyond what we thought was possible.
As one candle can light many others, anyone who has the opportunity to share time with Kate is blessed and left forever changed.
Ryan P.,

Manager Rishikesh School of Yoga, Rishikesh , India

Thank you for helping me discover a new way to approach and actually rest inside my heart and let-go of blocks built around my eyes and vision. Making this new connection feels great! Like seeing with my heart first.
  As the course unfolded I felt a wholeness develop ,as seeming "parts" of my life healed through meaningful insights. They blended into my personal mandala of experience. Circling a waiting and restful heart. Thank you for this precious healing  experience and your generous heart.
J.W., Ithaca, NY , USA

“The Swift Path to the Heart”™

Week 1 – The Pathway between the Heart & the Mind
Week 2 - Transforming Limiting Beliefs 
Week 3 -  The Energetic Matrix
Week 4-  “Choice” Empowerments
Week 5- Deepening, Clearing, Practicing, Manifesting
Week 6– The Act of Letting Go
Week  7 – The Divine Connection  - Completion, Next Steps   

Course Information:
Class Content & Format
Private Skype  or Zoom Sessions
We will cover 7 different focuses in these seven weeks.
At the completion of the course you will go forward
with a complete foundation for a practice that you can continue to expand upon,and that will support you in moving through your life with a connected and empowered heart and mind.

Week 1  - Activating the Pathway Between Heart And Mind

In our world, the emphasis is primarily on the use of the mind to discover, through reason and logic the answers to the questions of our lives. While the development, use and discipline of the mind is a primary element of our process of self -knowledge, the Heart may be accessed in such a way that it magnifies our intelligence, intuition and imagination and the deepest connection to the core of our existence. Your Heart holds answers and is waiting only for the question. In the first week, we establish  your connection and communication with your Wise & Loving Heart. You  learn to access your personal pathway into your Heart, expanding the depth and understanding of why & how Heart-Centered being supports our healing, self-empowerment, understanding, balance and harmony, developing the Empathy so needed for Peace on our Planet.

Week 2 - Transforming Limiting Beliefs  

Having established the Heart/Mind Pathway, we explore your  specific limiting beliefs and patterns; physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, energetically, & vibrationally, that are creating the barriers & obstacles to your ultimate healing, expansion & self-empowerment. We all hold beliefs. Some of them are conscious, moral and ethical beliefs, religious beliefs, ancestral patterns. However there are many beliefs that we carry that are unconscious, and when accessed and examined show us clearly how we limit ourselves. How big we allow our world and ourselves to be, what we are willing and able to receive. Every belief system has an energetic matrix. We not only identify the beliefs, but we connect directly with the energetic matrix that holds it in place. As soon as we feel it, perceive it, acknowledge it we immediately have the power to change it.

Week 3 -  The Energetic Matrix  
Every belief, every pattern has an Energetic Matrix. Just as your body has an energy field, so do all your thoughts and belief systems. Working with the Energetic Matrix is the  incredible shortcut to change. Instant Change. You learn how to perceive each matrix and how to break it. As that matrix breaks, the energy or battery that is running a system of consciousness no longer has any power. The patterns change quickly, easily and permanently.

Week 4-  “Choice” Empowerments
Combining the Heart Centered Pathway with the
Re-Patterning of Beliefs we will together create your specific Choice Empowerments. These are expanded multidimensional etheric, vibrational & somatic “mantras”, designed by resonance with your own vibrational patterns, your soul desires. When one rediscovers Choice, transformation is instantaneous.

Week 5- Manifesting

The Goldenrod Practice
Using everything we have discovered and learned we will begin to refine the practice, deepen the level of perception and experience, continually clear and balance our field, explore the new manifestations. Accessing the power and creativity of a freed imagination in connection with your Heart, we open pathways and create “impossible “ things. This is where Miracles reside. We ignite Choice.

Week 6– The Skill of Letting Go
Releasing & allowing on multiple levels. The Softening Process, The  Forgiveness Mandala. The not so simple, simple act of release or letting go can be quite challenging if we are in pain of any kind, be it emotional, mental, spiritual or energetic. We begin to explore the process and effects of gentle, intentional release, and discover the pathway to freedom through letting go.
What is Forgiveness? How to we forgive someone or ourselves for something we feel is un-forgivable? The process of learning to let go, to release is a pathway to peace . Peace inside ourselves, Peace with each other and Peace on the Planet.

Week  7 – The Divine Connection  
We each have a connection to something larger than ourselves. While it is called by many different names – Nature, Spirit, God, Goddess, Light, it is all religions, all paths, and  it allows us and supports us to connect to a level of being beyond logical thought, into intuition, imagination, trust, devotion and faith. By honoring and connecting with our unique and individual pathway to that Divine Connection, we discover the nature and effect of trust, connecting with a support system designed uniquely for each of us.
 In week 7 we focus on manifesting our creations & intentions, writing specific intentions for the next year. We empower Forgiveness as a life practice, and experience the 7 levels of this program as one level of living.

Find and activate the pathway between your Mind to your Heart. Once we make the conscious connection between the mind and the heart, we have access to wisdom, compassion, love in the Heart and the power of the brilliant and creative mind.

  We all have beliefs that shape our lives. We explore these beliefs and their energetic matrix, working on multiple levels to transform and create new conscious empowered beliefs about love, relationship, home , power, money, creativity, health and more, discovering where and how our beliefs are limiting us, and how to expand them to support our empowerment.
Combining the Heart Centered Pathway with the Re -Patterning of Beliefs we will together create specific Choice Empowerments. These are expanded multidimensional etheric, vibrational & somatic “mantras”, designed by resonance with your own vibrational patterns, your soul desires. Supporting your Dharma, your destiny, your highest good.
Using everything we have discovered and learned we will begin to refine the practice, deepen the level of perception and experience, continually clear and balance our field, explore the new manifestations.


"The Swift Path to the Heart"

  7  Week Private Class

One to One with Kate Rose