The Catskill Wildflowers Collection

Birdsfoot Trefoil ~ "The Empath's Remedy”

A remedy for Highly Sensitive People.

Clears the false illusions about body image.

Connects heart and throat chakra.

Birdsfoot Trefoil says: “ I can bring balance to your body”.

Blue Salvia ~ One pointed wisdom.

The feeling of being connected to the expanded, larger,

wider, ”bigger than me” awareness, in spite of my

own “small mind”. Circumvents resistance & judgment.

Cosmos ~ Clarity in speech, simple, direct.

The feeling of clear communication. How to be succinct.

Knowing the value of one's voice. Joy! Joy! Joy!

Moving from emotional heart to spiritual heart.
This essence brings an awareness of one's self imposed limits,

bringing them to consciousness to enable choice.

Delphinium ~ Re-birth or second chances, a second flowering;

an essence for projects that may come later in life

or are not thought of as “ important” or “real enough”.

This essence supports trusting intuitive creativity when

you think you have “already blossomed”. Delphinium essence

inspires you to “put out another bloom”, despite of the season.

Deptford Pink ~ “The Self- Worth Essence”.

It is the light itself that holds the key and the power.

Even a tiny speck of light dispels the darkness.

The smallest kind action or thought affects the whole.

Knowing your self worth in the face of criticism.

False Dandelion ~ “ Clean Sweep”.

Roots out old patterns that are stuck or “glued” in the “bodies”.

Clearing that happens in the unconscious that is

"pushing the dark out”.

Helpful with self doubt and fear of change.

Goldenrod ~"I am a Harbor of the Sun":

The Power of Golden Light, Confident Manifestation.

Activates the consciousness of Infinite Potential. Supports

deep meditative state as it shifts one into pure “ is-ness”.

Manifesting with precise fluidity.

One of the Peace Remedies.

Green Hydrangea ~ Remedy for disassociation. 

For people who don't feel a part of any whole.

A remedy of diplomacy. Supports maintaining your identity

in a large crowd. The Live and Let Live remedy, based in the understanding of non discriminatory consciousness.

Large Wild Purple Aster ~ The many effects of breath

on the body/mind. Instantly brings energy through the breath.

Clearing, calming, energizing, ignites vitality,

feels like an inner sunflower, rays of purple

from a golden center; the violet ray.

Marigold( Garden) ~ Reasonable hopefulness;

hope as a natural way of being. Clearing, cleansing, lightness;

a breath of fresh air. This essence rings the inner bell of hope.

Promotes clarity of mind, inner strength, breath;

the feeling of being cleaned up and vacuumed out.

It dissolves the sense of darkness.

Orange Hawkweed ~ A feminine, sweet warrior

who knows when to bristle; knowing how and

when to use your power. Offers the simplicity of being,

has a centering focus. Tells us to "Stand Tall ",

reflecting independence & self worth . 

Pliny believed that hawks fed on it to strengthen their eyesight.

Pink Hydrangea ~ When the harshness of the world

seems overwhelming, Pink Hydrangea essence makes it softer.

It carries the Feminine. It can help someone who has

only known harshness and is a good remedy

for healing trauma of abuse.

Pink Yarrow ~ “Shields Up!”

Pink Yarrow creates and supports an extra filter

that both refracts the emotions of others and

gives one the wonderful sensation of being “home alone”

rather than having perpetual guests in the living room,

dining room, every room! For those who absorb emotions of others;

it relieves the physical pain of emotional absorption.

Queen Anne's Lace ~ Spiritualizes everything.

If you have no concept that everything is connected

this essence can show it to you! A simultaneous awareness

of the subtle and the physical/embodied. Feeling both

the 1st and the 7th energy centers simultaneously.

It supports skeletal alignment, structural alignment,

and can act like muscle relaxer, very grounding.

Can bring the awareness of the “Web”:

the spiritual aspect is awareness of the greater whole

as an interconnected web/mandala. Brings awareness of

the connection between the web of the nervous system

and the “Cosmic Web”.

Red Clover ~ Deeply Centering Inner Quiet.

Balanced centering,

meditation aid and supports grounding, giving the feeling

of finding one's “ seat” in meditation.

Small Wild Purple Aster ~ Childlike Wonder & Hopefulness.

A good remedy if you are feeling impatient or frustrated

with a project or situation that needs to bear fruit or be resolved.

Gives one the feeling of reaching the finish line.

Energizing and "A Breath of Fresh Air". Renewed energy; Fruition.

St. Johns Wort ~ Deeply calming, a feeling of enveloped in comfort.

Joy, Comfort , Light . A very soothing essence, it assists with sleep;

opens perspective to possibilities by lifting one's mood,

dispelling darkness, easing depression, softening emotions.

Thyme(Wild) ~ Gives one the experience of the

integrationor blending of all the time lines in one's life

and their gifts & karmas/creations. The Thyme Remedy

supports experiencing wholeness directed toward manifestation

in “real” linear/material time.

White Phlox - Brings awareness of multiple perspectives

supporting perception of how differences can be harmonious.

Acts as both a purifier of thoughts & a cleanser in the body.

Yarrow ~ Boundaries, the umbrella of protection.

Natural boundaries that automatically protect one.

If you don't have them, Yarrow Essence supports you

in experiencing having clear boundaries and the protection

they offer as you strengthen your own.

The Blue Ridge Flowers Collection

Ageratum ~ Empowerment. A carpet of power. Floods the system with energy. Electrifying. A feeling of charging the nervous system, upping the amperage, one feels "spiritually caffeinated”.“I am the Essence of Self-Empowerment." This essence carries the Violet Flame frequency. It can shine a light into the power of aging, the wisdom of experience. Ageratum carries the power of fire without its destruction. It helps us to move gracefully into aging with a focus on the gifts of age and wisdom with an appreciation for all that has made us who we are and brought us to where we are now.Supports the expression of being in ones power.

Black Eyed Susan ~ A truly wonderful remedy that offers the feeling of effervescence, energy and joy. Black Eyed Susan tunes one into pure creative force. This essence connects one with confidence, intention, power and forward motion. If you are feeling stuck, this essence carries the quality of grounded positivity, healthy ambition,anticipation & inner strength. It is both clearing and balancing, holding the vibration of honor, integrity and inclusion.Creating for the good of all. Creating from an awareness of the effects on the whole. Can aid in the transformation of depression, of doubt into confidence.

Feverfew ~ The Remedy of New Beginnings. Clearing out the past. Spring after Winter. Just as a fever can "burn" disease out of the body, Feverfew Essence acts like a " cold fever". A brisk wind that blows out the old to make room for the new. It assists us as we pass through difficult times of change. It is a remedy of completion and new beginnings. If you are trying to release old forms, patterns, relationships or habits in your life and enter a new path, Feverfew Essence will support you in being willing to take the next step into a fresh new life. A Transition Remedy, Feverfew can also be used to support the dying process.

Forget Me Not ~ Mother Nature says "Forget Me Not!" This Remedy connects us with and opens a door into Nature, reminding us and teaching us that as a species we are forgetting Nature as a partner and a guide. Forget Me Not Essence supports the entry into the Presence of Nature and a part of ourselves we may have disconnected from or forgotten. In addition to simply enjoying Nature, we can, with this essence, experience being inside Nature and Nature being inside us. It connects us with Mother Nature and through receptivity to the connection supported by this essence, one can begin to participate with Nature in a new way. For anyone who wants to deepen their connections with, understanding of and relationship with Mother Earth, and to learn to work in full cooperation with Her, this essence opens the door.

Golden Yarrow - One feels encased in a golden cocoon of safety and protection.Deeply relaxing as it changes unconscious hyper-vigilance to a a feeling of security and safety. Golden Yarrow gives us a feeling of being gently enclosed in a second skin. For anyone whose nerve endings feel too close to the surface, it offers not only the feeling of protection but of impenetrable armor. For people who consciously or unconsciously pour energy, life force, and emotions into others without keeping anything for themselves, often burning out on a daily or even hourly basis.

Lisianthus ~ Happiness, Contentment, Self Acceptance . This Essence is a Heart Healer. ( the emotional heart). Lisianthus Essence connects us with our inner strength, inner goodness, our true nature. It supports our connection with the place inside where we know that " I am enough", making the present moment both accessible and inviting. We can experience self acceptance as a way of being, finding a place of inner stillness. It can bring awareness of the breath and the deepening of it. Lisianthus says, "I know that I am." Relieves worry.

Phlox Drummondi ~ The Ethereal Feminine. This Remedy carries the energy of our " inner butterflies". It supports a lightness of mind that allows us to experience "flights of fancy" in the form of inspired ideas, possibilities and a new awareness of options. A cleaner and cleanser of what one might experience as dark or negative feelings and energies that we carry unconsciously. Uplifting, it carries and transmits the quality of beauty and gentleness that we see in a butterfly.

Purple Queen Anne's Lace ~ Comfort, Vibratory Alignment, Uplifting. Purple Queen Anne's Lace is an Essence used for Grief. It can help ease grief, uplift the heart and the vision brightens. It can help to soften the experience of the outer world when we feel too vulnerable. When one feels overloaded or the consciousness seems weighted in one direction and it is hard to move the mind, emotions and energy, Purple Queen Anne's Lace assists in lifting us into a wider and lighter perspective. Relieves sadness and depression, helps one to feel " I am not alone."

Sweet William ~ From the Flower: " I am a million eyes seeing the interconnectedness of all things. I create soft edges of integration. I am the pathway supporting the template of integration, and community. My sweetness is both in my fragrance and my signature is the balance of the masculine and the feminine." Sweet William Essence supports the acceptance of differences. It shows us how we can be stronger as a unit, yet beautiful on our own. For situations where opposing sides cannot come to agreement, it is a pathway to "fragrant compromise", meaning that no one feels they have lost as the compromise supports both sides equally. Sweet William is a mediator, stimulating the awareness of the possibility of equal compromise.The Peacemaker's Remedy. For situations where there is an tendency, pattern or expectation of disharmony.

Zinnia ~ Joy, Laughter, Effervescence. "I am a joyful surprise. " Infusion of spiritual awareness. Clarity, defined spaces, clarity of boundaries,clarity of form-defined identity. Sharp-minded senses.
This essence supports one to be in the present moment. Imbues aliveness, like a transfusion of pure life force. Cleansing and invigorating, it helps one to feel a deep awareness of embodiment. It is the opposite of ethereal. Supports a focus on density or substance and is very helpful for focused endeavors. Zinnia amplifies understanding of spatial relationships. The relation of structure to the space it inhabits. This supports self awareness as we move through space. Zinnia takes the seriousness out of life and adds playful joy or sense of humor. The power of happiness. Happiness experienced as a structure one can inhabit. For depression, melancholy & disassociation.



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