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Birdsfoot Trefoil

The Empath's Remedy” A remedy for Highly Sensitive People
Clears the false illusions about body image
Connects heart and throat chakra
Birdsfoot Trefoil says: “ I can bring balance to your body”

Blue Salvia

One pointed wisdom, feeling of being connected to the

expanded,larger, wider,”bigger than me” awareness,

in spite of my own “

small” mind” circumvents resistance & judgment.


Clarity in speech, simple, direct. The feeling of clear

communication. How to be succinct.
Knowing the value of one's voice

.Joy! Joy! Joy!
Moving from emotional heart to spiritual heart
This essence brings an awareness of one's self 

imposed limits bringing them to consciousness to enable choice.

Re-birth or second chances, a second flowering; an essence for

projectsthat may come later in life or are not thought of as

“ important” or “real enough”. This essence supports trusting

intuitive creativity when you think you have “already blossomed”.

Delphinium essence inspires you to “put out another bloom”, in spite of the season.

Deptford Pink

“The Self- Worth Essence” - It is the light itself that holds the

key and the power. Even a tiny speck of light dispels the darkness.

The smallest kind action or thought effects the wholeness.
Self worth in the face of criticism.

False Dandelion

"Clean Sweep"

Roots out old patterns that are stuck or “glued” in the “bodies”
Clearing that happens in the unconscious that is “ pushing the

dark out”. Helpful with self doubt and fear of change.


​Connects​ one to the realm of infinite potential

Peace remedy: brings a deep sense of inner peace as it brings

the consciousness into (the highest level of) just being ;

activates the movement and desire towards the level of

consciousness where peace resides.

Supports deep meditation/meditative state as it shifts one

into natural detachment from emotion into “ is-ness” .

Green Hydrangea

Remedy for disassociation. For people who don't feel a part of

any whole. .A remedy of diplomacy. Supports maintaining

your identity in a large “crowd”The Live and Let Live remedy,

based in the understanding of non discriminatory consciousness.

Large Wild Purple Aster -

The many effects of breath on the body/mind
instantly brings energy through the breath
clearing, calming, energizing,
vitality, feels like an inner sunflower,
rays of purple from a golden center; the violet ray

Marigold ( Garden)

Reasonable hopefulness; hope as a natural way of being.

Clearing, cleansing, lightness; a breath of fresh air; rings

the bell of hope the inner bell of hope, clarity of mind, inner strength,

breath, feeling of being cleaned up vacuumed out, dissolves the sense of darkness.

Orange Hawkweed

A feminine sweet warrior.
knows when to bristle – knowing how and when to use your power
the simplicity of being. It brings a centering focus  telling us to

stand tall. Gives one a sense of  independence  and self worth.
“ Pliny believed that hawks fed on it to strengthen their eyesight.”

Pink Hydrangea

When the harshness of the world seems overwhelming,

Pink Hydrangea essence makes it softer
Carries the Feminine
It can help someone who has only known harshness and is
a good remedy for healing trauma of abuse.

Pink Yarrow

"Shields Up!”

Pink Yarrow creates and supports an extra filter that both

refracts the emotions of others and gives one the wonderful

sensation of being “ home alone” rather than having perpetual

guests in the living room, dining room, every room!
For those who absorb emotions of others;
relieves the physical pain of emotional absorption.

Queen Anne's Lace

Spiritualizes everything- if you have no concept that everything

is connected this essence will/can show it to you!
A simultaneous awareness of the subtle and the physical/embodied,

feeling both the 1st and the 7th energy centers simultaneously
Supports skeletal alignment, structural alignment, can act like muscle relaxer,

very grounding. Awareness of the “Web”: the spiritual aspect is awareness of the

greater whole as an interconnected web/mandala.
Brings awareness of the connection between the “web” of the nervous system and the “Cosmic Web”.

Red Clover

Deeply Centering Inner Quiet
Balance centering, meditation aid and supports grounding,

the feeling of finding one's “ seat” in meditation.  Extremely relaxing,

brings a gentle quiet to the mind and softens the body.

Small Wild Purple Aster

Childlike Wonder & Hopefulness
A good remedy if you are feeling impatient or frustrated w/a project

or situation that needs to bear fruit or be resolved
Gives one the feeling of reaching the finish line
Energizing/Breath of fresh air/Renewed energy/Fruition

St. Johnswort

Deeply calming, a feeling of enveloped in comfort.This remedy acts

so quickly to give a sense of relief from mental, physical &

emotional tension.
Joy, comfort, light, soothing, assists with sleep;

opens perspective to possibilities by lifting mood,

dispelling darkness, easing depression, softening emotions

Thyme (Wild)
The integration or blending of all the time lines and their

gifts & karmas /creations. The Thyme Remedy supports

experiencing wholeness directed toward manifestation in “real”

  time.One experiences the integration of our different stages of life

and the identities we create and experience along the way.

it  brings us into a connected awareness with all our parts.

White Phlox

​Integration of layers of self. Connects with the immune system

vibrationally and energetically ,bringing awareness to the power of the

immune system and the flow of life force. White Phlox
eases the confusion of trying to use “ wrong system “ for right reasons,

Balance/Clarity/ Differentiation
Individuation with conscious connection to the wholeness.


Boundaries, the umbrella of protection.This essence brings

awareness of the natural boundaries that automatically protect one.
If you don't have them, Yarrow Essence can give you the feeling of having

clear boundaries as you strengthen your own.

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