Comfrey -The Master Healer offers a feeling of being bathed in a soothing bath. Its signature healing property is its continual expansion through the system. It works fast and speeds healing. A remedy used for “hopeless cases", for things that “won’t heal”. It promotes awareness of harmonious function and is balancing, revitalizing & regenerating; an all around healer that stimulates & awakens inner healing, waking up the system to remember itself in wholeness of health.

Red Clover – Deeply Centering, Inner Quiet Balance - Deep Stillness, quiet & peace. Red Clover Essence supports grounding. It is deeply quieting and relaxing, and helps with sleep, especially falling asleep. Soothes the mind and the spirit. This remedy is like a warm and comforting embrace. Deeply nurturing. It can be helpful with issues of balance or rhythm.

Zinnia– Joy: For depression, melancholy & disassociation. For horses who are are being moved from one living place to another.Helpful in relating to a new herd. Can balance out the shock of the new transition by balancing the emotional reaction and possible disassociation that can happen when an animal is moved to a new home.The Zinnia Flower Essence helps balance the seriousness of life and adds playful joy or sense of humor. This essence is both cleansing and invigorating.

Feverfew- The remedy of new beginnings. Clearing out the past. As a fever burns out disease from the body, Feverfew acts like a “cold fever”, a brisk wind that blows out the old to make room for the new. It can assist a horse passing through a difficult time of change, whether through injury or change of venue. It supports the system to throw off and release conditions or patterns that can cause illness and may manifest as places in the body that create closed areas where imbalances can develop. It is a remedy of completion and new beginnings. A Transition Remedy, Feverfew may also be used to support the dying process.

Golden Yarrow – Boundaries. This essence is deeply relaxing as it changes unconscious hyper-vigilance into a cocoon of protection. Feeling enclosed in a second skin. For Horses whose nerve endings feel too close to the surface, it offers not only the feeling of protection but of impenetrable armor. Excellent for skittishness and horses that tend to take responsibility for the herd. It helps support balanced giving, inner equilibrium, and the replenishment that naturally occurs in a system with healthy functioning boundaries that continually recycles its energy and life force.

St. Johns Wort - Joy Comfort Light - St. Johns Wort Remedy supports the lifting of heavy moods, dispelling darkness, easing depression and softening emotions. It brings joy, comfort, and a sense of lightness. This essence is soothing, assists with sleep and can help bring relief from depression. It gives one the feeling of lightening the load and is an emotional balancer that quiets a worried mind.

RoseAngelistm Remedies  

"The Equine Collection"

False Dandelion- "Clean Sweep" : Horses carry the patterns of their years of training and experience in their bodies and are unable to let go or change them on their own. This often causes structural dysfunction, injury, pain or discomfort. False Dandelion is a "Clean Sweep", helping to both clear out the old patterns and create space for the new. It is extremely helpful with self doubt and fear of change. This Remedy has been shown to be effective in the healing of conditions where something is trying to leave the body so that it can heal but is blocked.

Green Hydrangea - The remedy for disassociation, for horses who have trouble finding their place in the herd and do not feel apart of any whole. It supports inter-species communication and understanding & peaceful integration into the whole.Green Hydrangea Essence signature is Balance in Nature, balance/harmony as a response to disharmony and imbalance. It is remedy of diplomacy and supports maintaining individuality while still feeling a part of the herd.

White Phlox - This essence assists with creating a balanced function in multiple systems. It acts as a purifier and cleanser of both body and mind.White Phlox acts as a Vibrational Cell Protector mirroring and supporting the immune system as it protects the body against both infections, disease & “foreign invaders”. This is an extremely powerful remedy for healing and assisting the immune system as it activates its action to heal and protect.

Ageratum–The Graceful Aging Remedy. Re-empowerment. Floods the system with energy. Electrifying. A feeling of charging the nervous system. It can shine a light into the power of aging, the wisdom of experience. In the equine world , as a horse ages and moves from being a highly trained athlete to a retiree, this essence helps with the transition from an active intense life (racing, dressage and competition) into the pleasure of moving gracefully into aging.
Supports clear vision, defined edges, and helps with grounding and is quite soothing. This essence may assist with issues of breathing.

Pink Hydrangea – A remedy for healing the trauma of abuse, abandonment and harsh treatment. When harsh treatment or abuse has damaged a horse, Pink Hydrangea essence supports the recreation of trust and receptivity to kindness.When the harshness of the world seems overwhelming, Pink Hydrangea essence makes it softer and envelops one in a soft tone of quiet-tude.

Delphinium - Re-birth or second chances, a second flowering. An essence for horses who suffer from a loss of their identity when they are retired, and may suffer depression, listlessness, antisocial behavior and “wither away” for no apparent reason. Delphinium Essence supports the transition to a new life and helps the animal let go of the old and embrace the new. It supports and inspires one ( equine or human) to “put out another bloom” in spite of the season. For horses that may manifest discouragement at no longer having an identity rooted in a familiar life. The “I can do it” remedy, it is an emotional cleanser and clearer.