Kate Rose Healing testimonials

After my first session with Kate​, I felt peace. I was on an emotional vacation in hell, and I was comforted with the hope that I would learn to access the calm that she lives to share. She was an angel sent to show me the road to life lived with the fullness of emotions. Kate's Shamanic/Psychologist like approach to health & my embrace of it was the real miracle. I learned that her enormous spiritual vocabulary had plenty of room for my own visions. She encouraged my artistic expression & was exultant in my progress.

M. Nolan

Atlanta, GA

Kate's approach to health and life are inspiring to me. She is a gentle person with a great deal of knowledge & a healer I turn to when when faced with challenging health or emotional issues that more conventional healer's can't or won't address. Most recently she helped me with recovery after a brain hemorrhage! She gives you the trust that everyone is a diamond filled with gifts and talents.

L.P. , Marquette, MI

Kate Rose has a remarkably unique talent to help and heal people.
Through years of refinement and God-given talent it is obvious that she could see things about me that most people could not. With an almost other-worldly sense of intuition and empathy she not only provides her gift as a healing tool but also inspires us to think beyond what we thought was possible.
As one candle can light many others, anyone who has the opportunity to share time with Kate is blessed and left forever changed.
Ryan Parenti,  Manager, Rishikesh School of Yoga, Rishikesh , India

Thank you for helping me discover a new way to approach and actually rest inside my heart and let-go of blocks built around my eyes and vision. Making this new connection feels great! Like seeing with my heart first.
  As the course unfolded I felt a wholeness develop, as seeming "parts" of my life healed through meaningful insights. They blended into my personal mandala of experience. Circling a waiting and restful heart. Thank you for this precious healing  experience and your generous heart.
-J.W., Ithaca, NY , USA

I have learned so much from you these past few years!
The heart breathing, the possibility to choose my feelings and the awareness of the choices I have. To decide for myself and to look at challenging life situations: Does it affect me or is this building me up?
Your wisdom and unwavering faith in the human potential, and in me, is something that has helped me deepen my commitment to really start living and stop hiding out of fear.
I think that my final decision to dive into the fullness of life and all the beautiful possibilities life has to offer came after our deep diving 7 weeks work together in 2013.
So, your work makes beautiful ripples that is spreading it's light far and away!
Elisabeth De Charon De Saint Germain - Frederiksoord, The Netherlands

The thing that struck me right away is how incredibly potent and refined your spirituality is. You make me feel so supported, encouraged and capable, especially in regard to my yoga teaching and leading the Dances of Universal Peace.
Your gracious, loving appreciation for what I brought to class and/or to the circle was a true gift. Your intuitive understanding about how to offer guidance and suggestions to different people in ways that those individuals can hear and embrace is uncanny; a real blessing.  Thank you, thank you for gracing my life. " 
-RGM,    CapeTown, South Africa

Spending 5 days with Kate was the "jumpstart" to my healing, as well as the reset to my old "mind-body connection"!

I spent 30 years in law-enforcement, which really took a toll on my mind, body, and spirit.  Kate gently nurtured my thoughts and helped me understand my hyper vigilance, my need to "protect"!  She reaffirmed my strengths while gently reminding me that I had everything inside heart and soul to heal...I joke with friends and say that this was my "hyperbaric chamber" to healing.
- Lori R., North Carolina

My work with Kate was revelatory about my body, my pain and how to handle it all. I was also a volunteer for a teaching session. She is great teacher!
-Christine G., Hudson Valley, NY

If you are wondering about whether you should take a session or class with Kate Rose, I would like to encourage you to DO IT! I have done a lot of work with Kate at this point, some in groups, some solo, some as a Trager® Practitioner, some as an Empath. I have always walked away better, more clear, happier, more settled, .... in some way improved. Here is one of the stories that I can share about one of the experiences I had with Kate:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f0xCWJp9eEs  Go to my YouTube channel (Madelana) and see more interviews I did with Kate. She is  doing very deep work, but she makes it accessible. You are sure to gain in some important way.
- Madelana F., New Jersey

My experience is that Kate Rose tunes into people with insight and compassion, guiding us to find our way home to a place of healing and empowerment.
-Isabel R., Ithaca, NY

"Kate Rose is a deeply gifted Empath and Healer. She is wise, compassionate, and she has a great sense of humor. I have received great benefits from working with her throughout many years."

-Tessa F., Ithaca, NY

I feel very blessed to have had these 7 weeks with Kate Rose. She is a masterful teacher, full of joy and humor, who has helped me to open my heart that little bit more. This helps me to soften in my relationship with myself, and others. Kate made clear to me what my (our) true purpose here, in this life, is. To connect. By opening my own heart I help others to open theirs. Power with the Heart, that is Evolution. That is what can heal this world.
Power with Heart! Thank you Kate."  
L v L., The Netherlands