Rates & Fees
Holistic Empathic Healing Sessions : 85.00/ hr. per Horse

Kate Rose Healing is based in Lexington,VA.
2 Horse minimum @barns 30-45 miles
4 horse minimum @ barns 45 miles +
Travel Fee .50/per mile one way.

Sessions scheduled within a 25 mile drive of Lexington, VA  are not subject to a travel fee.





"My 22 year old retired racehorse Sammy was diagnosed with a hairline fracture. Kate helped me work to heal it. My vet was absolutely astonished to see his progress and admitted she had expected to have to put him down. Yesterday, as I watched him cantering around the pasture in the autumn sunshine, I felt a glow of joy and gratitude for Kate's work with him. I am convinced she saved his life."

Kristl Spalding, Fern Hill Farm, Red Creek, N.Y.

Rosanna McMillan  - White Rock Manor, Lexington, VA

Kate paid us a visit and she connected with every single horse. It was beautiful to watch.

Kate Rose - Holistic Equine Empath

Hands on Healing for Horses

Integrative Bodywork

Holistic Empath

FluidMovementtm Technique

Equine Flower Essences

 Kate Rose is an Empathic Intuitive Healer and Equine Empath offering her unique gifts healing Humans, Horses and the Earth. Combining her almost 40 years of Private Practice and teaching of Holistic Healing & Movement Integration in the US, Europe & the Middle East, her skill and knowledge in multiple modalities of natural healing with her understanding and knowledge of anatomy, the nervous system, the long term effects of trauma & repetitive stress combined with her unique and highly developed ability to feel and understand feeling, she has created a highly effective method of communicating, listening to, working with and healing these beautiful animals. She skillfully communicates directly and clearly with every horse she touches, creating realignment, equilibrium, relief from pain and injury and effecting the patterns that are inherent in injury and illness.

Kate has worked healing horses in New York State, Virginia, The Netherlands & Italy. She spent 11 years living in Italy & the South of France and now resides in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. She has never met a horse she has not fallen in love with.